FPS CX Technology Solutions

AI Driven Conversations

FPS’ AI-powered virtual agents naturally communicate with your customers and prospects in complex dialogue – just like your best agents over voice, chat and text.

FPS Approach

Consumers interact with our Virtual Agents as if they are human agents over voice, chat and text.  They can communicate at the speed of a typical conversation, understand complex dialogue and can resolve complex customer questions by using business logic against multiple data sources.  Cancel and re-schedule appointments.  Change orders.  Understand why your bill was not what you expected.

Source: Gartner

FPS Difference

There are hosts of chatbots that you can quickly deploy to address a narrow use case over a single channel.  Google, Amazon, IBM and Microsoft offer platforms for omni-channel communications, but those platforms require developers to make every change.  This limits your agility to test, learn and iterate to optimize your customer experience.  We have partnered with OneReach.ai and use their platform to rapidly fine tune your customer journeys to meet your business needs.

Proven Results

A multi-billion dollar retailer selected FPS to use a combination of U.S. and Philippine-based agents bundled with conversational AI to dramatically reduce costs and increase revenues.

Immediate improvements within first 3 months of launching the program in the U.S.

Layering in ChatBot functionality (Amazon Lex) increased productivity of our agent pool, automated low-value calls within the overall ecosystem, and improved our team’s ability to drive cross-sell / up-sell initiatives on every call

Further expansion into an offshore delivery model lowered the cost/call while giving highly trained onshore resources more sales opportunities to further improve total revenue generated each month

Use Cases

Whatever your use cases, no matter how complex the business logic and regardless of how many data sources we need to tap, we will work with you in a phased manner to methodically provide your prospects and customers with the experience they expect, while you save money.