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FPS CX Analytics

Business Intelligence

& Analytics

Our BI tools package data and analytics into holistic, actionable insights to accelerate growth and increase the profitability of your business.

FPS Approach


FPS Difference

We ask and answer critical questions that will take your business to the next level to develop strategies that will maximize LTV and minimize CAC. 


Proven Results

A leading consumer privacy subscription service engaged FPS to build and manage their customer engagement tech stack and provide analytics to optimize each step of the customer acquisition funnel.

Solution Overview

Set up and manage omnichannel solution integrated w/Salesforce (voice, text, email and chat)

Integrate data across end-to-end customer journey including marketing, sales, purchase, and fulfillment. 

Join customer activity/interaction data with lead/opportunity data for attribution, reporting and analysis

Provide reporting, analytics and AI/ML models to continuously optimize performance

Solution Diagram:



>50% Reduction

in Total CAC

>125% Increase in Salesforce Productivity in 6 months

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