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FPS CX Services

Customer Care and Support

We implement valuable solutions that result in happy customers and growth for your business.

We are built from the ground up as an analytically-driven, technology company that is unlike any traditional BPO provider.

Consumer expectations have dramatically changed as people order groceries from their phones with deliveries on the same day, and as these expectations begin to transform service delivery across all verticals, it is essential that every business must quickly and efficiently resolve customer questions and issues via the channel consumers prefer – voice, text (and not just SMS, but over WhatsApp, WeChat, etc), email, chat, chatbots, conversational AI…the list will keep growing.  Our client partnerships require close, analytically-driven collaboration to drive First Call Resolution, maximize cross-sell opportunities/LTV and deliver an exceptional customer experience, while achieving cost savings goals.

FPS Approach

Our proven formula for execution is shaped to drive the best possible results for your business. 

  • Rigorous agent recruitment process

  • Pay people a 15-20% premium

  • Effective and robust training

  • Systematic, data-driven coaching and performance management

  • Accurate, scalable and timely workforce management

  • Continuous learning, testing and improving 


FPS Difference

FPS works with you to develop a deep understanding of your functional requirements and business objectives to design the best solutions to grow your business at every stage. With your business goals in mind, FPS implements omnichannel, analytically driven approaches to maximize and streamline your customer support efforts so you can spend more time growing your business. 

  • Agile approach, with continuous testing, learning and optimization 

  • Seamless data integration from all sources into one customer platform provides a full picture of your customer life cycle

  • Leverage data and analytics to optimize agent performance and customer interactions 

Proven Results

A multi-billion dollar retailer selected FPS to use a combination of U.S. and Philippine-based agents bundled with conversational AI to dramatically reduce costs and increase revenues.

Immediate improvements within first 3 months of launching the program in the U.S.

Layering in ChatBot functionality (Amazon Lex) increased productivity of our agent pool, automated low-value calls within the overall ecosystem, and improved our team’s ability to drive cross-sell / up-sell initiatives on every call

Further expansion into an offshore delivery model lowered the cost/call while giving highly trained onshore resources more sales opportunities to further improve total revenue generated each month

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