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FPS CX Technology Solutions

Omnichannel CX

We develop innovative solutions that optimize your customer engagement programs to deliver a best-in-class experience and results for your business.

We integrate best-of-breed applications seamlessly to ensure you can execute on data-driven programs with enhanced agent productivity that maximize LTV and minimize CAC. 

FPS Approach

We bring a fresh, agile approach to test, measure and learn faster to support continuous improvement.  We integrate data from every source into a customer data platform that can be used for real-time BI, analytics and data science models to optimize every interaction with the customer as well as the overall agent and operational performance.  Our omni-channel customer engagement platform consists of the following modules:

  • Customer Experience Products & Services:
    Implement and integrate best-of-breed applications for omnichannel communications (AI-driven chat, text, email, voice), CRM/service desk, e-commerce and fulfillment, and marketing/lead generation to deliver a personalized service that a) captivates your customers and exceeds their expectations, resulting in high CSAT and NPS; b) increases retention, conversion and LTV; and c) automates delivery and offers robust, real-time self-service options that increase efficiency and reduce cost.

  • Agent Performance Products & Services:
    Develop, implement and integrate best-of-breed proprietary and third-party applications to manage and maximize agent, team and operational performance.

  • Customer Data Platform for Reporting, Analytics and Data Science (AI/ML):
    Provide business intelligence on key performance indicators to all stakeholders, actionable insights from deep analytics and statistical modeling, and continuous optimization though AI/ML models on speech analytics/NLP, contact strategy, agent performance, etc. 

FPS Difference

We believe that there is not a single solution that works for everyone; we remain “tool-agnostic” and have developed a deep expertise among various products and tools that meet the needs of our clients. Whether you have already implemented  your own products or are starting from scratch, FPS will evaluate, recommend, implement and integrate the best combination of third-party and proprietary applications that meet your business needs. Coupled with expert services to set up and optimize customer engagement programs, we strive to deliver client results and a best-in-class customer experience. Once we set that up, we will build a customer data platform that integrates data from each source to optimize every step in the customer journey/lifecycle.

Proven Results

A leading consumer privacy subscription service engaged FPS to build and manage their customer engagement tech stack and provide analytics to optimize each step of the customer acquisition funnel.

Solution Overview

Set up and manage omnichannel solution integrated w/Salesforce (voice, text, email and chat)

Integrate data across end-to-end customer journey including marketing, sales, purchase, and fulfillment. 

Join customer activity/interaction data with lead/opportunity data for attribution, reporting and analysis

Provide reporting, analytics and AI/ML models to continuously optimize performance

Solution Diagram:



>50% Reduction

in Total CAC

>125% Increase in Salesforce Productivity in 6 months

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