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FPS CX Services

Customer Retention & LTV

Achieve meaningful connections with your customers when and where it matters most via the channel your consumers prefer.

FPS Approach

At FPS, we bring a fresh, agile approach to optimize your customer retention and LTV that leverages voice, text (SMS, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc) email, chat, chatbots and conversational AI.

  • Welcome and nurture programs

  • Activation programs

  • Cross-sell/Up-Sell leveraging triggers

  • Retention marketing

  • Targeted win-back offers

FPS Difference

We integrate data from every source into a customer data platform that can be used for real-time BI, analytics and data science models to optimize every interaction with the customer as well as the overall agent and operational performance. By understanding your functional requirements and overall business objectives, we design the best solution which can be improved and expanded methodically as your business grows and needs change.

Compared to the bottom quartile, leading companies are…


Source: Bain & Company

FPS works with you to execute analytically driven omnichannel customer engagement programs focused on: 

  • Smart, targeted segmentation based on customer’s overall value

  • High performing technology to develop a deep understanding of your customer's priorities at each step of your relationship 

  • Data-informed decisions to improve customer retention and LTV

Proven Results

For this top 3 mobile telecommunications carrier, FPS became recognized as the top outsourcing provider for Customer Retention within 12 months.  All subscribers intent on canceling service are routed to a group of on-shore Retention partners whose singular responsibility is to retain their business and capture ongoing monthly recurring revenue for the client

Screen Shot 2020-08-01 at 3.00.28 AM.png

Solution Overview

Recognized as “Center of Excellence” within the first 12 months of operation

Solution-oriented retention and sales approach to identifyroot cause and effectively position a compelling offer compared to alternative solutions

Built proprietary, on-demand reporting solution utilizing raw data inputs and internal efficiency metrics to manage a full array of KPIs critical to meeting client objectives

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