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FPS Technology Solutions

Amazon Connect


We are specialists in designing, implementing, and supporting Amazon Connect contact centers. With years of experience in CX and AI, we help companies leverage Amazon Connect to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Our Amazon Connect Services

Design & Implementation
We handle the entire setup of your Amazon Connect contact center. This includes planning contact flows, integrating with your CRM & other systems, configuring IVRs, building intelligent routing, and deploying AI-powered bots.

Ongoing Management
Once your Amazon Connect instance is up and running, we provide ongoing support and optimization. This includes monitoring key metrics, improving routing logic, adjusting contact flows, and enhancing self-
service options

AI & Analytics
We help you take advantage of AI-powered functionalities within Amazon Connect. This includes sentiment analysis, speech analytics, predictive routing algorithms, and custom machine learning models to improve CX.

We continuously optimize your Amazon Connect contact center to improve CSAT, lower handle times, reduce abandonment rates and drive efficiency. This is done through A/B testing, evaluation of metrics, and tweaking flows.

Our team can provide training to your agents and administrators on best practices for Amazon Connect. This ensures you get the most value out of the technology.

By leveraging our deep expertise in Amazon Connect and focus on CX, we help companies deliver standout customer experiences. Contact us today to learn more!

Case Studies

Client selected Amazon Connect as their CCaaS platform for customer support to address high abandonment rates caused by an inflexible, legacy telephony solution that limited their ability to scale with their customer’s needs.


Client selected Amazon Connect as their CCaaS platform for customer support to address the issue of getting customers to the right agent as quickly as possible.

Our other AWS services

Gen AI and Large Language Models

Leverage Amazon Bedrock and all its foundational models to analyze interactions with your customers and help your agents to get access to accurate information instantly in a safe manner.

Machine Learning

Train the LLMs for specific tasks and increase the accuracy and speed of their response while reducing costs.

Application Integrations

Integrate your application with any AWS services to leverage the cloud capabilities. 

Security Services

Leverage AWS Security services to maintain a secure environment and combat cybersecurity threats effectively

Well architected framework

Build secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient applications in the cloud. 

Data and Analytics

Build data lakes, ELT and dashboards to get insights into your data. 

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