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Salesforce Development for Fintech Unicorn

This Fintech unicorn expedites international cash transfers across 135 different countries. The backend process to complete these transfers is complex given differences in banking processes, procedures and regulations. One small glitch can hold up the process and send the customer to the contact center for resolution. Timing is critical since many of these transfers involve family members sending much needed funds to relatives back home.

Growing Pains in a Complex Offering

As the company grew rapidly, the technology and systems within the contact center weren’t sufficient to handle increasing complexity and much higher volume. Issues started to escalate, including:

  • High abandonment rates

  • Lack of unified data from different sources

  • Inconsistent, inaccurate metrics across dashboards

  • Reports update daily / weekly instead of intraday

  • Inability to drill down into data to understand “why” and “what to do”

  • Improper routing caused high wait times and multiple transfers

  • Subpar performance from agents on KPIs across the board

Furthermore, no individual or internal team had the right expertise to see the whole picture and create integrated architecture to solve the problems. Resources and skills were needed across many different functions and business units including expertise in designing a CRM system (Salesforce) to meet the specialized needs of the contact center.

Big Picture Thinking with Hyper Attention to Detail

As leading experts in customer engagement solutions, BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), and the technologies that support the contact center, the Full Potential team worked in consultation with the client to apply the diverse skillset required to design and implement a solution that addressed the challenges for customers, agents and the internal technology team.

Due to the complexity of the business and the uniqueness of each customer’s needs, it was particularly important to get the Salesforce component right so agents would be empowered to quickly understand the customer’s circumstances and take action to keep the transfers flowing through the system.

The Full Potential team started with the data, integrating and translating data from multiple sources including:

  • Transaction Systems

  • Customer Databases

  • Internal Case Management Systems

  • Unique Fraud Workflows

  • Workforce Management Tools such as Teleopti

  • Internal systems for automatic customer verification and routing

By tightly integrating the data sources, all data could be seen in real time and presented in a Salesforce instance that was customized for this company’s particular needs.

The Salesforce instance was designed with three primary things in mind:

  • Maximize agent efficiency and accuracy

  • Improve customer experience via self-service and accurate work delivery

  • Integrate internal systems to deliver work to agents accurately

  • and quickly while showcasing the full customer journey

A simplified interface was designed to present only relevant data so associates could serve customers as quickly as possible. Customer experience was also improved by presenting accurate self-service help articles as quickly as possible, leveraging conversational AI to identify customer intent quickly.

A Values based Approach to Continuous Improvement

Staying true to its mission of partnering over time for continuous improvement, the Full Potential team implemented a values based quality monitoring and improvement methodology called Gemba. Gemba is derived from the Japanese word “Gemba” or “Gembutsu” which means “the real place”, so it is often literally defined as the act of seeing where the actual work happens. A Gemba Walk is a workplace walkthrough which aims to observe employees, ask about their tasks, and identify opportunities for productivity gains. By listening to calls, reading chat transcripts and talking directly with agents, the Full Potential team was able to establish empathy, identify issues, and spot trends. Then, working with the client team, they were able to take best actions not only as they related to changes needed in Salesforce but also how technology architecture, back office processes and agent training could be continuously tweaked to achieve peak performance.

The Results

  • Improved agent productivity 20%

  • Improved time to first touch & resolution 24%

  • Increased cases handled / hour 11%

  • Reduced cancelled transactions 30%

  • Increased FCR and CSAT 25%

  • Reduced cost of customer service 40%

Full Potential Solutions empowers companies to forge more profitable customer relationships by applying a values based and data driven approach to everything we do. Unlike other service providers promising better services at ever cheaper cost, Full Potential Solutions puts our people first to achieve breakthrough client results. Our thriving team and advanced omni channel solutions reduce customer acquisition costs and expand lifetime value for many of the world’s leading customer first brands.


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