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Full Potential Helps B2B SaaS Company Score Thousands of New Business Prospects


After receiving a significant investment from a well known private equity firm, this B 2 B SaaS company was looking for ways to scale its sales operations and expand its global reach Full Potential Solutions was engaged to reach out to prospects and get meetings scheduled.

Today, Full Potential is

  • Setting meetings up for Sales Directors

  • Sourcing leads and building out the company’s customer database

  • Establishing a successful, repeatable sales process for the entire sales team

  • Driving revenue by bringing in new prospects

Breakthrough Results in Year One

  • 893% increase in monthly revenue over 6-month period

  • 97% decrease in cost per opportunity

  • 90% overall quality score

How We Did It

Technology + People

The Full Potential team deployed a muti-channel approach using voice, email and social media supported by a strong technology infrastructure to ensure end-to-end integration and overall efficiency. The technology backbone, designed by Full Potential’s subject matter experts is comprised of customized instances of:


Salesforce High Velocity Sales which is designed to speed up the sales process for inside sales, sales development and business development teams through a combination of phone integration and artificial intelligence (AI). It offers a single-pane view that avoids the time and hassle of switching between different apps.

Seemless A.I.

Seamless A.I., a real-time search engine that helps B2B companies find accurate sales leads so they can get in front of the right prospects, close more deals, and grow revenue at scale.


LinkedIn Sales Navigator which combines LinkedIn's network data, relevant news sources, accounts, leads, and preferences to support better, more timely connection.

Once the technology was configured for this client, Full Potential hired only the best, most-qualified agents to handle prospecting and outreach. This starts from recruiting capable, intelligent, and driven candidates. All interviewees go through a rigorous interview process which includes close evaluation of each candidate's communication skills and sales capabilities. The team was not only trained on the client’s value proposition but also on Full Potential Solutions’ core values of Grace, Accountability, Integrity and Excellence.

Breakthrough results are being achieved everyday as the team meticulously reviews KPIs and workflow processes to set agents up for success. In addition, Full Potential has developed a knowledge base to share best practices not only with existing agents, but also with new team members and even with the client’s own sales team.

How We Did It

Driven by Data

Data-Driven means fully understanding the metrics that are important to our clients and measuring ourselves against them every day. For this client, Perch Insights, a business intelligence tool developed by Full Potential, has been deployed to wrangle multiple data sources (including a direct link to the client’s Salesforce instance) into a single source of truth that delivers every metric needed to monitor quality and see areas for improvement.

There is information available for every stage of a contact’s journey from lead import to close. This includes account management views, sales cadence views, and quality assurance statistics. From this dashboard, Full Potential and the client can track trends, monitor human and virtual agent performance and gauge prospect behavior metrics so they can proactively make adjustments to ensure the success of the program.

Today, Full Potential empowers clients to forge more profitable customer relationships by applying our values-based and data-driven approach to everything we do. Unlike other service providers promising better services at ever cheaper cost, Full Potential puts our people first to achieve breakthrough results for customer-first companies seeking to improve lifetime customer value (LTV) and customer acquisition cost (CAC).


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