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Gig Economy Leader Turns to Full Potential Solutions for Fresh Perspectives and New Approaches


This industry leading gig economy company hired Full Potential to develop and pilot new ways to improve performance on existing business goals and to formulate an approach for new revenue drivers The client engaged Full Potential to develop a Center of Excellence, managing many different functions including customer safety and support for new “ to drive retention through their first 25 trips In addition, the company enlisted help from Full Potential for three adjacent lines of business including broadening product offering and selling advertising space on their digital platform Full Potential came on board to develop and share best practices for each program, setting a standard of excellence across the client’s global contact centers.

Breakthrough Results

For the customer safety and earner support functions, key metrics include Average Handle Time (AHT), Transactions Per Hour (TPH), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), and Sales Per Rep Per Day (SPRPD). For adjacent product offerings, teams are measured on overall number of sales, conversion rates, and product mix. For advertising sales, it all comes down to revenue and profitability. Deploying Full Potential’s “Above the Line” training and metrics-driven continuous improvement methodology, the Full Potential team made dramatic improvements in performance within weeks.

  • Earner Retention went from 6% - 50%

  • Transactions per hour (TPH) increased by 75%

  • Customer satisfaction increased by 19%

  • Ad sales per rep per day (SPRPD) increased by 271%

  • Average handle time (AHT) decreased by 19%

  • Earner acquisition remains higher than the competition 4%

How We Did It?

Activating a Center of Excellence through a values-based, data-driven approach.

Values-based in this case meant investing heavily in recruiting the right agents and giving them rigorous training. Our environment for learning utilizes a three-pronged approach to effective training including proprietary scenario-based training and above-the-line leadership techniques drawn from Conscious Leadership principles as well as structured development and coaching for continuous improvement. For this client, our in-house experts created all new training materials to empower our agents to achieve breakthrough results in support and sales. The new content combined with Full Potential’s “Above the Line” training methodology presents learners with realistic situations they can relate to.

Core values of grace, accountability, integrity and excellence come into play at every stage of learning process. The scenarios are real-life situations at work that paint a picture of things to come as the agent progresses. They learn what they can expect, how to anticipate objections and how they can add value. From the start, trainees immerse themselves in the day-to-day role, so they can learn to do their jobs rather than cramming in bits and pieces of information from a guidebook. Most importantly, this scenario-based learning technique provides a safe space for the trainees to make mistakes and learn from them in simulated situations.

Data-Driven means fully understanding the metrics that are important to our clients and measuring ourselves against them every day. Because this client is extremely protective of their data, the Full Potential team built their own reports so they could see what was working and make improvements across all processes. These custom reports were implemented in addition to our standard, internal metrics dashboard that allows us to monitor and improve day-by-day and call-by-call performance. Our leaders use this robust, actionable reporting to coach people in a data-driven manner with Grace. They can drill into the actual behaviors of the agents that produce variations in performance and then use those insights to figure out how to coach them more effectively.

Today, Full Potential empowers clients to forge more profitable customer relationships by applying our values-based and data-driven approach to everything we do. Unlike other service providers promising better services at ever cheaper cost, Full Potential puts our people first to achieve breakthrough results for customer-first companies seeking to improve lifetime customer value (LTV) and customer acquisition cost (CAC).


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