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The New New Customer Experience

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Over the past decade, customer expectations have risen steadily and in line with the rise of digital transformation. COVID has accelerated both trends. As a result, building a world-class CX infrastructure has become a CEO-level priority given the downside consequences.

Picture yourself back in just signed up for a direct-to-consumer (“DTC”) subscription company (Birchbox, Stichfix, BlueApron, etc…) when that business model was just catching fire, and you noticed an unknown charge on your receipt. Back then you would go to the website, find a number to call, wait in line for an uncertain period of time, and eventually talk to someone that doesn’t really give you a clear answer. But hey, the charge is small, and you like the service so you shrug it off. Hard to believe that you would tolerate an unknown charge and wasting 30 minutes with subpar support, but in 2015, this was the norm.

Fast forward to today. If you are unable to get an issue like this resolved within 5 minutes of being on the website, and if you are even prompted to call customer support to get your question answered, you’ll leave the site, cancel your subscription, write a scathing one-star Google review, and then subscribe to a copycat competitor that just raised a $100M Series C.

At FPS, we’ve seen this rapid transformation first-hand. Since our founding in 2017, we’ve been helping CX leaders optimize their customer engagement programs by providing people (dedicated agents) and/or technical expertise to manage CRMs, dialers, Conversational AI, databases, and business intelligence. And through these partnerships, we’ve helped our clients increase retention/LTV, improve CSAT scores, and reduce customer acquisition costs (CAC)..

Providing actionable insights to continuously improve performance is the common, core pillar for great CX teams across the board. And so we built Perch....

Perch is a SAAS platform that plugs into all points of customer interaction, aggregates disparate data sources and contextualizes them through easy-to-consume dashboards that make dynamic decision-making easy. CX leaders and the rest of the executive team need to understand customer sentiment at both a high-level and at an easy-to-access granular level, in order to identify issues quickly and make the requisite changes before negative business impacts occur (i.e. the copycat competitor boogeyman that just raised a $100M Series C).

Even if you are at the beginning stages of building your CX function, we would love to chat to see when FPS might be able to help.


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