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Why CROs Trust FPS

The B2B Tech market has grown significantly over the past decade. And with that growth comes enormous pressure for companies to attack the market and grow as fast as possible. CRO’s often find themselves unable to recruit, hire and scale their sales organizations quickly enough to keep up with these elevated revenue expectations.

As a high-performance outsourcing firm, we’ve had the opportunity to speak with a number of CROs working through these challenges but there is often an aversion to the concept. We hear things like:

  • “We tried this before and had a bad experience”

  • “Outsourcing doesn’t work for us because we need to develop sales leaders internally”

  • “Our product is very nuanced; I don’t think outsourced agents will be able to grasp its complexity and have quality conversations with prospects”

“Sales-as-a-service” shops have been around for a while, and will continue to vye for business amidst this new market opportunity. Most of these firms, however, are incapable of delivering for these CROs.

Why? It all boils down to how these firms are constructed:

  • A “check-the-box” vendor, with a rigid operating model

  • Performing against their incentives, typically dials per day, rather than the incentives of their clients

  • Operating as a siloed unit, throwing meetings/sales over the fence when they arise

It’s no wonder sales leaders have such a sour taste in their mouth. No matter how cheap these providers are, the opportunity cost associated with bringing on one of these vendors as a stop-gap is just not worth it.

FPS came to market ~5 years ago to address endemic market gaps in the outsourcing industry. By proving the value of being a partner, fully immersed in our client’s operations and empowering our people to be fully invested in our client’s success, we have been able to drive breakthrough results for our clients. Rather than just checking-a-box and going home.

Naturally, this overarching philosophy has been refreshing for the B2B Tech CROs we work with. With our unique approach to the market and incentivizing our rewards with the needs of their business, we have been a valuable asset to champions and skeptics alike.

Whether it is lead generation, full sales cycle transactions and/or cross-sell/upsell work, we have gained an enormous amount of confidence from the marketplace by delivering outstanding results for our clients by operating as a long-term strategic partner fully immersed in our client’s operations.

A few highlights:

  • FPS outbound selling agents (full sales-cycle) responsible for $11M in closed business for a public tech company in less than 4 years, outperforming internal agents by a significant margin.

  • For 3 B2B Enterprise SaaS companies, our outbound, lead-generation agents were able to set up 8% more (on average) first meetings at less than half the costs of their internal SDRs.

  • On average, we help B2B tech companies reduce 65% of the cost associated with recruiting, training, interviewing and operational oversight associated with managing a sales development function.

If you are a CRO with big numbers to hit and without talented salespeople to hit them, please, reach out and let’s see if we can help.


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